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"Our mission is to educate you, to inform you and to assist you in understanding the complexities of an investment decision by providing you the opportunity to work with a team of independent and professional advisors."

What we do

With expert knowledge, investing can be a lot easier than you think

Discover what incentives are available to help you reach your investment goals... Read more

Identify what is best suited for you

Let financial experts establish your capacity to make the best investment for your specific situation... Read more

Obtain Independent Advice and Guidance

We neither sell properties nor accept commissions. You're even free to involve your own expert... Read more

Learn from our Panel of Professionals

Obligation-free guidance and advice from independent advisers in investment incentives, legal, tax and finance... Read more

What the experts say

Are you missing out on Government incentives?

Having the right professional working for you will help you discover what tax concessions, incentives and deductions you may be eligible for, and help you take maximum advantage of them.... Read more

Why it's important to talk to the right people

Engaging the right industry experts you could potentially save time, money and avoid costly mistakes.... Read more

It's not just at tax time that you need the right accountant

Accountants are not just there for tax time. If you have complicated finances or a lot of money tied up in property, an accountant can help you year round.... Read more

What can a property advisor do for me?

Unlike financial planners and accountants, property advisors acquire an in-depth understanding of the property market, and and may be able to provide you relevant advice on purchasing property.... Read more

Active Consulting can help you

by navigating the mine field of investment decisions and save you time by connecting you to the right industry professionals.